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The Weekend May be a Very Stormy One for Much of the Midwest

As many Americans are making plans to attend college football games in many cities in the Plains and Midwest, forecasters are warning that the weather may not cooperate this weekend. The Storm Prediction Center said Wednesday that people living in the Plains and Midwest should be aware of the large storm system that’s taking aim at that part of the country. The stormy weather headed for the Plains and Upper Midwest could very well bring with it very heavy rainfall, high gusting winds in excess of 50 miles per hour, hail, dangerous lightening and even tornadoes.

The National Weather Service said late Wednesday that there is a high chance of rain and thunderstorms for a wide swath of land stretching from the eastern reaches of the Plains into the Midwest from early Friday into the weekend. Meanwhile, a winter storm watch has been put into effect for the Northern Rockies as Winter Storm Atlas has formed and is poised to bring heavy snowfall to the Rockies and to parts of the Northern Plains. As of Wednesday night, snowfall was already falling in western Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and further north in Utah. The snowfall is expected to continue into Saturday which means accumulation amounts may be substantial.

People living in southern Minnesota are being warned that they may see one to two inches of rainfall Saturday and another two to four inches on Sunday. The system that will bring all the rain to Minnesota and other states in the Midwest is a classic fall storm that can trigger some severe thunderstorm activity as well as damaging hail, high wind gusts and even a tornado outbreak.

As clear, sunny skies prevailed over the Midwest at the start of the week, showcasing some brilliant early fall colors, clouds and storms will definitely be closing out the weekend. Temperatures will push near the 80 degree mark and even higher in many cities in the Midwest Thursday afternoon but as clouds form, the temperatures will drop overnight into the 60s in front of the potentially severe storm system that’s making its way into that part of the country. People living in the Midwest who are planning weekend activities outdoors are being told to reconsider their plans as stormy weather will prevail through Sunday.