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Severe Weather Lashes Midwest and South With Tornadoes and Flooding

As is the usually the case in early April, a severe weather pattern is over portions of the Midwest and South. On Wednesday, severe thunderstorms dumped hail the size of golf balls over St. Louis at noontime. The hail was so heavy in some metropolitan areas that it completely covered yards. Many motorists in St. Louis were stranded in their vehicles Wednesday due to flash flooding that occurred across that city. In portions of eastern Kansas, it was reported that hail stones the size of baseballs came down, smashing the windshields of numerous vehicles.

A twister touched down in the St. Louis metropolitan area early Thursday morning, doing damage to dozens of homes. By afternoon time, many severe thunderstorms had dropped large hail stones over the community of Denton, Texas. There were also reports of up to three tornadoes in the northwestern section of Texas during the evening hours Thursday. As of Thursday night, numerous tornado warnings were in effect for several areas in the Midwest and South.

The severe weather that’s plaguing parts of the United States is a sure sign that spring is finally here.
People living in Tornado Alley got their first taste of severe spring weather as tornadoes and hail made their debut, affecting large swaths of the Midwest and southern Plains states. In Jefferson County, Missouri, emergency teams were dispatched to make a few water rescues and evacuations of a couple of mobile home parks after rushing water there caused flash flooding. The first call for help came in at just after 2pm, according to the county’s emergency management office.

People living in portions of southern Illinois were told Thursday to brace themselves for a possible round of strong thunderstorms after a tornado touched down in neighboring Missouri. By Thursday evening, there were reports coming in from residents of Belleville, Illinois of strong storms downing trees. One resident of that community reported that a large tree smashed through his home and garage, doing significant damage. The National Weather Service reported that the severe thunderstorm that swept across southern Illinois did not cause any injuries but that it did do damage to homes and other structures.

The NWS said that over five inches of rain fell across most of Missouri and western Illinois to cause flash flooding and evacuations of some homes. A major highway in Johnson County, Missouri was closed down after rushing water washed out several culverts. Heavy rainfall also flooded some roadways in Indiana Thursday where conversation officers there said they had to rescue at least 7 people.