Chicago Hit By Severe Weather and Flooding – More Bad Weather On its Way

A series of powerful thunderstorms that rolled over the Windy City area this week resulted in thousands losing power and flooding in the south side of Chicago. Many residents in parts of Chicago spent the good part of Wednesday cleaning up after the storms pounded the area. Several counties in the greater Chicago area were under flash flood warnings early Wednesday as torrential downpourings of up to two inches of rain per hour were in the forecast.

The hardest hit area was south of Chicago where over 10,000 people lost power. Those people living in some low-lying areas or along local streams reported having several inches of water inside their basements. Viaduct across Chicago Land were flooded and crews were busy responding to downed powerlines.

The National Weather Service warned Chicago area residents not to let their guard down because another round of thunderstorms is heading their way. The temperatures Thursday will hover in the mid-80s while rain will linger over the area for most of the evening. There will be a break in the rain but by Friday night, more rain is expected to fall and hang around until Saturday afternoon.

Chicago residents are not the only mid-westerners who are being told to be wary of the weather. People living in Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan also are being told that they’re at risk for heavy thunderstorms, torrential rains, hail and even tornadoes. The same powerful storms that have been dumping rain earlier in the week on parts of Kansas, Missouri, S. Dakota and Illinois are moving into the Great Lakes region, bringing with it risk of flooding and wind damage.

Parts of southern lower Michigan already experienced tornadoes with this new system as there were several funnel cloud sightings Tuesday. One that stands out is a tornado that was sighted at 10pm near Goodrich, MI, that touched down very close to a school. Parts of the Great Lakes State also has experienced high winds and severe thunderstorms that did significant damage to several homes.