Colorado Slammed With 3 Days of Heavy Rain

Over the past day and a half, Colorado has been slammed with heavy rainfall. The adverse weather conditions have been so bad that people are being prompted to evacuate if they live in low-lying area. These heavy rains have left two people dead, as well as triggering mudslides. Erie County has been hit the hardest, and it seems as though the rain is not letting up much. Many parts of Colorado have experienced at least 4 inches of rain since noon on Wednesday. The National Weather Service has even issued a flash flood warning in effect for Boulder and Jefferson Counties until further notice. A mandatory evacuation is also in effect for small communities like Jamestown and Fourmile.

Any residents living near a creek or stream are also being asked to evacuate, and students at the nearby University are also being evacuated. Libraries, recreation centers, and even businesses have closed their doors due to the heavy rainfall and dangerous conditions. The Weather Service has reported that local officials said even homes have been collapsing due to the heavy rainfall and conditions. Rescue teams have also not been able to get to the scene of any of the damage because the mudslides are prohibiting them from getting to that area.

There have only been two deaths that have been reported thus far, but students of the University of Colorado have been evacuated and classes cancelled so there are no risks of injuries. In addition to the two counties that have flood emergencies, flash flood warnings have been posted for Broomfield, Adams, Weld, Larimer, and El Paso counties. Mud and rockslides have been reported in many areas, and Boulder Canyon, U.S 6, and other roads have been experiencing blockages due to the dangerous conditions.

Cars are submerged underwater, basements are flooding, and homes are collapsing. Local officials are reporting that many roads are impassable due to how much rain has built up over time. Officials are also saying that it is best to evacuate if you live near a creek or waterway, and if possible, stay inside and do not leave your home if it is not in a low-lying area. As the conditions worsened Wednesday evening, Erie County was hit the hardest. It is very important to stay updated with the conditions and not to try to pass roads that are covered by water. It is also a good idea to always have an emergency kit ready for these types of situations.