Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in Mid West Overnight

Unsettled weather over Wisconsin will continue through the middle of the week, according to the National Weather Service. Up to four inches of rain could fall over some parts of the state and if that happens, serious widespread flooding could ensue. Mudslides and flooding have already caused some roads to close down in the southwestern portion of Wisconsin. Crawford County’s Highway 61 is covered in twenty-five feet high mud that covers an area as long as two football fields due to a mudslide.

The National Weather Service has flash flood watches and warnings in effect through Wednesday for the most of the southern and western portion of Wisconsin. Those counties under flood warnings as of Tuesday afternoon include Grant, Lafayette, Green and Crawford counties. A state of emergency was declared in both Crawford and Grant County due to water damage.

The community of Boscobel in southwestern Wisconsin is dealing with cleaning up after more than twelve inches of rain fell there over the last few days. Several dozen residents there had to leave their flooded homes which in some cases were inundated with several feet of water. The bad news is that more rain is in the forecast for that part of the state which means more flooding is sure to occur as the ground is already over-saturated with water. Up to 500 homes in Boscobel have been affected by flooding which is just about half of all the homes in the community.

Emergency officials said late Monday that repairs from flooding in Grant County alone will exceed $2 million. The severe thunderstorms that tore through southern Wisconsin over the weekend resulted in widespread, serious flooding, mudslides and uprooted trees. Across the wide area that was flooded there are numerous large trees down due to the heavy rainfall and high damaging winds that occurred.

In Vernon County there was a lot of flooding which took place as the heavy rain rushed down surrounding hills where it filled area rivers and creeks very quickly. Residents of Wisconsin are being warned not to venture into flooded areas as heavy debris can move very quickly through floodwater. Additionally, very fast acting flash flooding can begin without warning and is capable of easily sweeping away people and vehicles.