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The Importance of Professional Clean Up Of a Property After Flooding Disasters

Property owners have many things to consider and be concerned with over the many years of home ownership. The responsibility of maintaining and keeping up with a property’s many needs can be a bit over whelming at times. This is certainly the case if the home is struck by cataclysms or flood damage.

Suffering from flood damage in a person’s home or property can be overwhelming for a multitude of reasons. Whether the flood damage is caused by storms, burst pipes or a broken and leaking hot water heater, the damage that the water can cause can be extensive. Aside from the loss of personal property that can often accompany this type of situation and the structural problems that can occur, the clean-up of the water and its residual affects can be extensive for a property owner. During the storms and hurricanes that raged through the New England, Florida, Gulf area and New Orleans, in the past few years, many Americans learned first hand just how much damage flooding can cause in homes and properties. However, there are ways to reduce the long term affects of flood waters on a property. commercial and residential flood damage repairs in Round Lake

Of all the ways to protect a property post flooding is to ensure that a quick clean-up occurs. The longer the flood damage stays unattended, the more extensive the problems can be for the property. This is because the flood waters can damage many aspects of the structure of the home. While many home owners think of flood damage as simply affecting, the floors and walls, there are many areas of the home that can experience damage that can be more hidden.

Beyond the obvious, if a flooded area includes a main floor, than the sub-flooring of the home and electrical wiring in the walls can be affected as well. Additionally, the ceiling area in the basement can suffer as well if the water drenches the ceiling. If the flooding occurs in a basement area only, than typically the area that is most affected are can be less extensive if the walls are concrete and unfinished. However, if the walls are finished than the mechanical parts behind the walls such as electrical, and wood structural supports will be affected as well. Additionally, home owners should note that while damage to the sheet rock may seem to be a minor consideration, the damage from flooding can be hidden and can permeate to affect many intricate parts behind the wall surface .

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Other areas of concern and in addition to all of the areas of primary damage, mold can be a substantial concern for property owners. If the water damage is left unattended for any period of time, than the likelihood for mold and mildew to grow and expand in the damaged area is high. Mold can be an especially difficult problem because getting rid of it can involve extensive treatment. Once moisture sets into a wall, or flooring surface, drying it out properly and cleaning the area can be a critical factor in protecting the area from continued growth of mold and mildew.

Because of these many factors, it is usually recommended that homes that suffer from any substantial flood damage be cleaned professionally. This will ensure that the flooded area is cleaned properly and thoroughly so no residual damage to the property occurs and repairs can be made more readily with little concern of long-term damage.

Local resources for residents in Illinois, Flooding Insurance and Illinois department of emergency management for disaster assistance.

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