Emergency water extraction, drying, cleanup and repair services for Columbus property owners. Our certified techs are experts in restoring your home or business from flooding problems. From basement flooding to sewer backups, broken pipes and major storm damages we have the right equipment to restore you back to normal quickly. Count on the Flood Cleanup Pros for any property damage disaster. Local offices throughout the state of Indiana for a quick and professional response.

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A storm can result in water damage and property damage in the home. This can often be a troubling time and you will want to get this damage cleaned up as fast as possible. A professional cleanup team can be the answer to help you get your home back in a livable condition in no time.

. If your home is not secure because of storm damage, the first thing you will want to do is take measures to secure your home. This is an additional area we can help you, whether it is to board up windows and secure your home from burglars and opportunists that can take advantage of disaster situations.

. Water damage can also be a major concern in the home if a flood has occurred. You will want to get water off your floors and other items as soon as possible. A team can come into your home on an emergency basis and pump the water out of the home with the right equipment to get the job done fast. Count on us for services in Columbus and the surrounding area, we are Indiana’s premier disaster cleanup and flood repair firm.

. commercial and residential flood damage repairs in [pb city] Indiana Water can also damage walls and drywall is not made to be submerged in water. The right company will know how to get water off the walls and restore them to a good condition. Mold can grow on walls if they are not taken care of. Water can also seep inside the walls and this is often not detected by looking at the wall. This can provide mold with a great opportunity for growth.

. Mold detection can help to ensure that there is no mold in the home after water has penetrated. Mold can be very dangerous if not detected. You do not want your family and pets to breathe mold that is not discovered in your home after a flood.

The contents in your home can be very vulnerable if subjected to water. These items may need to be removed from the home to be dried and possibly deodorized before they are returned to the home. Mold can also grow on items and they can be in a salvaged state very quickly if not properly dried out. You should make sure that you are taking care of your items as fast as possible to eliminate even further damage.

Water Extraction – Flood Restoration – Emergency Mitigation and Drying Services

A severe storm in your area can leave your home with considerable damage. This can be from falling limbs and even tornadoes, or high winds. Repairing your property is something that a restoration team can do to help you return your home back to a good condition. Your insurance may actually cover these repairs. There may be a lot of debris that need to be removed from your home as well.

After a storm you can be left with a host of problems that need your attention. Our team of professionals will be able to get your home back into a good condition in no time. We offer 24 hour emergency services and this can allow you to get assistance shortly after a disaster strikes.
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