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Ames   IA Flood Damage Cleanup Contractor Broken plumbing or heavy rains can result in your basement being flooded. Because it is set below ground level, a basement is most often poorly ventilated and will trap moisture, making it a breeding ground for mold. What is Mold? Molds are a type of fungi that are found virtually everywhere. Some species of molds are more than just a nuisance, but can have a toxic effect on people and pets, aggravating or causing allergies and severe illness, including respiratory problems, headaches and skin rashes. commercial and residential flood damage repairs in Ames Because mold growth begins as a tiny undetectable spore that can not be seen with the naked eye, it is important to dry out your basement as quickly and thoroughly as possible after a flood to avoid mold growth. As rule of thumb, you need to dry out your basement within 48 hours of flooding to stop mold from taking hold in your basement. Removing the Water The first step in drying out you basement following a flood is to remove all the water. For smaller jobs, where there are just a few isolated pockets of water, a wet-dry vacuum will often be sufficient. However, for other situations, where the entire basement is flooded, water must be removed with some type of pump. You can rent a water pump, by the hour or day, from a local equipment rental company to deal with the immediate flooding problem. However, if your basement flooded once it will probably flood again, at some point. For a long-term solution you should consider installing a sump pump, which is designed to automatically and immediately pump out any water that gets into your basement. Drying the Basement All furnishings must be removed from the basement, including carpeting, padding and wall-hangings. Place all items outside in the sun, if possible, as ultraviolet light rays will kill mold. Do not place wet items in other areas of the home, as any mold that may have already begun to grow on wet items can easily spread to other areas of the house. Discard wet carpeting, padding. Any interior basement walls that are finished with drywall or paneling must be stripped down to the bare studs and all insulation must be removed. All building materials that have been damaged by water must be thrown out to avoid recontamination once the basement has been dried out, as it is very difficult to remove all the moisture from materials such as fiberglass insulation. Open all the windows in the basement and place fans in opposing corners of the basement to create air circulation. Leave the fans running until the basement floor and walls are bone dry. Treat the dried basement with a fungicide approved for mold remediation. Professional Help Drying your basement following a flood is no small project, and may be beyond the means of many homeowners. If you feel the job is beyond your abilities consider consulting a professional cleaning service experienced in flood damage and water cleanup.

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