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Auburn Hills  Flood Damage Cleanup Contractor When serious water damage happens to your home from broken pipes or a roof leak, the amount of water in your home and the level of damage may seem overwhelming. Cleaning it yourself would be a time-consuming and formidable job, so it might be best to call in a professional flood damage cleanup company. It is helpful to understand what this type of company does, so you can decide if they would be the best solution for your water damage problem. What does a flood damage cleanup company do to repair water damage? First, they would conduct a complete inspection of the flooding and its cause. They will use moisture sensors to show if water has seeped through walls. The contractor will then determine what steps will need to be taken to remove the excess water, make essential repairs, and fix or discard damaged items like furniture, carpet, appliances and electronic equipment. commercial and residential flood damage repairs in Auburn Hills

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There are some dangerous conditions that can occur when a home is flooded. A key reason to hire a professional cleanup company for this type of job is that electrocution is a constant danger when wires are submerged. Also, flood waters can become contaminated with chemicals, sewage and other hazardous materials. Flood damage contractors are specially trained and equipped to deal with such hazards. Often there is a large amount of standing water present after a flood event. It is difficult to remove, but flood damage cleanup companies have the specialized equipment to cope with flood water in significant amounts. They will use vacuums to mop up excess water and dehumidifiers and industrial fans to assist in removing all moisture from the damaged areas. It is essential to remove all moisture and allow fresh air into the space to avoid the growth of mold. If contamination has occurred, they will also sanitize and clean the area thoroughly. Once the water has been removed and the area dried, the next step could include structural repairs to flood-damaged items such as walls, floors, roofs or other components. If damage has occurred to HVAC systems, air ducts, roofing or plumbing systems, repairs may be too costly and replacement could be necessary. The contractor will do anything necessary to restore your home to its original condition and will also, if needed, make improvements to avoid water damage issues in the future.

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If paneling and wallboard has soaked up water, it must be removed. Walls can sometimes be repaired if everything has been dried correctly, but any soaked insulation and drywall will require replacement. The flood damage cleanup company will remove soaked wallboard and repair all damaged walls. Though flood damage is distressing, a good flood damage cleanup company will be able to repair the damage to your home efficiently and quickly.

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