Emergency flood damage cleanup and drying services for South St. Paul . Certified techs on call 24/7 to dry and repair water damaged homes and commercial properties. Our team of professionals works around the clock to help property owners recover from any type of flooding disaster. Certified through the IICRC our mitigation services will help get your property restored and minimize interruption to your business.

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Flood Damage Cleanup Contractor for South St. Paul

Emergency cleanup and drying services from floods and water damage disasters water mitigation and restoration. When the need for emergency cleanup and drying services from flood and water damage is needed the need is usually immediate. Also what is needed is a contractor who will do the job right. There is much at stake here, The integrity of your structure and even more importantly the health and safety of your family could very well be on the line. Lets look at what a contractor should do in cleaning up flood and water damage. These will hold true whether it is your residence or your place of business.

South St. Paul  commercial and residential flood damage repairs

Of course when you require emergency cleanup after a flood or other water disaster one of the first moves a cleanup contractor will make is to remove the water from the structure so as to minimize and to to help facilitate the drying process and to minimize additional damage. Pumps, squeegees and drying agents will be used for this task. After the gross contaminants ( large amounts of water and possible mud and other sediments) will be removes. Brooms, shovels vacuums and other tools will be put into use for this.

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Then comes fans, blowers and possible heaters. The idea is to move large amounts of air in order to facilitate drying of your structure and its contents. This is also the time you will see dehumidifiers u

After the large amounts of water is removed from your home and the drying has begun the real work now begins. Typically any carpeting and its padding needs to be removed. The damage might be severe enough to require the removal and replacement of other floor structures such as the sub floor.

This is also the step in the process where the walls may come down or your contractor will use special equipment to “see” into the walls for mold growth and other hidden damage to hidden systems such as water, electrical and waste systems. If any mold is found the walls may have to come down and a mold killer and deodorizer will be used. If any damage to your house systems such as the electrical is found, this is the point in the restoration process that those would be repaired also. Your contractor will be able to either complete this part of the restoration process or have access to qualified contractors who can complete the job in a timely and correct manner.

Water removal and restoration is a big job. You want the most qualified contractor to complete the job whether the water is sewage, flooding or hurricanes. The job is too big and your families well being is too big to not leave it to the experts.

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