Northeast Under Threat for Potential Severe Weather

A low pressure system will push its way into the Northeast on Thursday, bringing with it a line of severe thunderstorms which could cause some trouble for folks living in the Northeast. The system is being forecast to linger off the coastline of Long Island and southern New England overnight Thursday into Friday when it will push further east. The potential impacts of this weather will be a bit like a nor’easter with heavy precipitation and hard driving winds that can gust to over 40 miles per hour. It’s very possible that some locations could see wind speeds of between 50 and 60 miles per hour. If that happens, there will certainly be downed trees & powerlines as well as power outages.

The real concern with this system is the threat of flooding from the northern part of Pennsylvania and the way through southern New England. There could even be flash flooding as much of the ground is saturated along the path of the storm. The east part of Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey could see severe flash flooding with as little as an inch of rain in a three or four hour period as the ground in very saturated.

The same system that’s moving into the East brought straight-line winds, several tornadoes, large hail and flooding to the Midwest Wednesday where tens of thousands of people lost power. As of late Thursday morning, there were already reports of numerous trees down, broken limbs and power outages in Hockessin, Delaware.

Southeastern Pennsylvania was under a severe thunderstorms watch Thursday morning. People living in that part of the state are very concerned about flash flooding along major waterways such as the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers as a significant amount of rain is being forecast to fall. Even creeks which are already running high are at a very real risk of breaching their banks to cause localized flash flooding in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

The National Weather Service put a flash flood watch into effect for the entire state of Pennsylvania Thursday. Officials are warning state residents that water could rise very quickly in streams, creeks, on roads and in urban areas. The skies were so dark over Philly Thursday morning that it appeared to be nighttime still. Some flights at the international airport in Philadelphia were delayed Thursday morning due to severe weather that included dangerous lightening.