Severe Thunderstorms on Tap for Midwest

Folks living in the Midwest are being told to keep an eye on their local and state weather forecasts as a cold front coming down from Canada is on a collision course with hot and steamy tropical weather to the south, making conditions perfect for severe thunderstorms. Many of these storms could bring with them very heavy downpours of rain, high winds, damaging hail, flash flooding and even the threat of tornadoes. The threat of bad weather is going to stick around for a while as once the line of severe thunderstorms moves through Tuesday, things will be right once again on Wednesday to produce more inclement weather.

Tuesday morning’s thunderstorms subsided in the Sioux Falls, SD area before lunchtime but there’s a chance for more this afternoon for that area and for the rest of southern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, northwestern Iowa and northeastern Nebraska according to the National Weather Service. The NWS also said that people living in that part of the country should be aware that thunderstorms will re-develop during the afternoon hours and that some of these storms could produce large, damaging hail the size of golf balls and damaging winds up to 65 miles per hour. The threat of high winds for the evening hours is even greater for northwestern Iowa and southwestern Minnesota as they could gust up to 70 miles per hour there. If that does occur, tree limbs and powerlines are sure to come down and many structures will sustain damages.

The Storm Prediction Center said Tuesday morning that the risk for severe weather stretches all the way from mid-Kansas up through Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Illinois and most of Michigan’s lower peninsula. There is a hazardous weather outlook in effect for the Detroit/Pontiac areas of southeastern lower Michigan that will remain in effect until the evening hours on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service has several lower counties in several midwestern states under a hazardous weather outlook and said that low pressure over the Plains and Midwest will lead to thunderstorm formation throughout the day on Tuesday. The warm and humid weather over the Midwest will fuel the storms as they move across the region which could trigger tropical-like downpours, flash flooding and large damaging hail.