Severe Weather in Store for Weekend for Parts of US

Scorching hot temperatures and stifling humidity will continue to cause misery in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast this week as there’s a large ridge of high pressure stalled out over the Ohio Valley. Daytime high temperatures will be in the upper 80s and lower 90s in most areas although some areas may reach or even top the 100 degree mark. The very hot weather combined with high humidity levels makes it feel like its in the mid 90s to low 100s. The heat wave is being forecast to remain in place into Friday although some thunderstorms could pop up to bring some people relief from the western portion of Pennsylvania to southwest Virginia.

On Wednesday afternoon, a cold front in the southeastern portion of Canada could trigger some thunderstorm activity from the very northern reaches of New York through northern Maine that could last through the evening hours. There also could be some isolated thunderstorms Wednesday in the Ohio Valley. A few of those storms could produce large, damaging hail and kick up damaging wind gusts as well as spawn a tornado or two. Anyone living in the Ohio Valley region of the country should keep an eye on their local weather reports in case weather alerts are issued.

So far this year in the United States, just under six hundred tornadoes have touched down which is far fewer than the over 950 tornadoes that typically touch down by this time during July. What is typically one of the most active tornado months in the country with an average 225 tornadoes touching down, it’s been a very quiet month thus far. Weather experts say that the reason July has been a relatively quiet tornado month this year is because there’s been a few rather odd upper air patterns over the country that have limited the treat.

Instead of having to worry about tornadoes, people living in tornado-prone parts of the country are concentrating on keeping cool. There are heat advisories in effect for many parts of the nation including the Midwest, Ohio Valley and Northeast. With temperatures in those parts of the country expected to soar between 87 and 95 degrees both Wednesday and Thursday, it will feel as though it’s up to 105 degrees outside during the hottest parts of the day from around 2pm to 7pm. The searing heat wave that’s gripping a large portion of the US is likely to produce some showers and thunderstorms by the end of the week as there’s a cold front moving in. Some of those storms could trigger heavy rainfall, deadly lightening and large damaging hail.