Severe Weather Potential in Midwest Sunday November 17

Thunderstorms capable of producing high, damaging winds are likely to sweep across the Midwest on Sunday. High winds also could move into the Northeast during the evening hours Sunday and prevail through Monday morning. The winds could be strong enough to take down trees and cause power outages and flight delays. The high gusts of wind also pose a real threat to large vehicles traveling the roadways. Forecasters say that the winds could be as strong as 45 to 55 miles per hour and even stronger in some areas.

Cities being threatened by the inclement weather Sunday include Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Detroit. It’s possible that in addition to the strong winds that a few tornadoes could form. Gusty winds already were a factor for many college football games Saturday and will be for NFL games being played Sunday.

A new sweep of cold air is racing across the Midwest this weekend. This will drop temperatures by up to 30 degrees in the Midwest and East. The cooler air will be followed by severe weather which includes rain and winds. Flights may experience significant delays in places like Detroit and Indianapolis Sunday. Even people traveling by car can face travel delays on interstates as some of the rain that falls could come down in blinding downpours. There are some areas that could see snow instead of rain Sunday including the Upper Midwest.

In Michigan, the stormy weather is expected to begin in the southwestern portion of the state. There, wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour are possible as is the chance of tornadoes on Sunday afternoon and through the evening hours. The National Weather Service stated Saturday that an unusual amount of warm, unstable air for this time of the yea is moving into the southern part of the Great Lakes State, amping up the risk for severe weather.

Sunday’s forecast for rain and strong winds is unusual for this time of the year when temperatures are typically colder. Even more odd is the chance of tornadoes developing in some areas. Just a few days ago, a blast of Arctic air accompanied by snow caused icy roadways that led to accidents in Chicago, Detroit, Dayton and Buffalo, NY.

People living in the Midwest are being told to be on alert Sunday as there’s a high probability that severe weather will breakout which could include heavy rains, damaging winds, hail and even twisters.