Stormy Weather Moves Over the Central US

As per National Weather Service, an active storm system is bringing severe weather conditions over the central U.S. The system is causing blizzard and winter storm conditions in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, severe weather over the central Plains as well as Ohio Valley and powerful winds in the southern Plains.

The Upper Midwest is expected to receive nearly a foot of snow on late night and overnight. Tornadoes can be whipped up by the storm in the central Plains.

Duluth, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota the two Midwest cities that could expect the most snow.

Blizzard conditions are likely in certain areas of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The conditions could affect Interstates 94, 90, 39, 35 and 29, reported.

The system is expected to bring snow to some areas of New England, upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

The likelihood of another system on Thursday could bring more snow to the region.

As per CNN report, storm lashed on to the small Kansas town of Harveyville during early hours on Wednesday. As per state officials, at least nine people got injured. One person got seriously injured and was taken to the hospital in Topeka about 20 miles of Harveyville.

A state of emergency was declared by Gov. Sam Brownback for the tiny community of 236 residents that was struck by an obvious tornado on Tuesday night.

As per Kansas Adjutant General’s Department, storm damaged a church and some homes, downed power lines and trees across the area.

A shelter has been set up at a local high school by the officials, and the American Red Cross is there to help the affected.

Thunderstorms can be quite hazardous to people as well as to property. Strong winds, tornadoes, flash flooding, hail and lightening produced by thunderstorms can cause widespread damage.

Heavy rainfall from thunderstorms can trigger flash flooding that can wash away boulders, structures and flood homes in just minutes. Lightning is accountable for starting numerous fires all across the world and causing deaths when it strikes people. Softball-size hail can damage cars and windows. Powerful straight-line winds (up to over 120 mph) can bring down trees and power lines. Tornadoes with strong winds of up to 300 mph can kill people and cause significant damage to property.

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