The dillema of waiting out a potential hurricane

If you live in the southern Gulf States or along the east coast of the United States, then one price you have to pay for the glorious weather is the threat of hurricanes. The vital thing is preparedness. You need to have a supply of plywood stored in your basement or in your yard, because when Anthea or Brendan is heading in your direction, you don’t want to be the last person at the lumber store looking for ply. Bottled water and canned food are something else that you should consider having in good supply as soon as peak hurricane season arrives (July thru November) comes in. It makes little difference whether you live in balmy Miami or the steamy, more humid Everglades when one of these storms marches in from the Atlantic, to the Caribbean Sea; your time to prepare is short.

The best plan is to have all of your plywood sheets, which normally come as eight by four feet sizes, cut to fit each of your windows. By labeling these, both by window identifier and the order from left to right, you will be able to secure you home in a much shorter time. This may not seem very important when you consider that hurricanes only travel at about 15 miles per hour, but they are notorious for taking unexpected paths, and this sudden veering can happen when you least expect it.

One thing you can do little about is storm surge. The best thing you can do, upon receiving a warning of a potential storm, is to move all of your electronics to a higher, second or third story room. It may be a good idea to move soft furnishings there also. If you do get hit by flooding, it will not only be water that is entering your home, there will be sewage and other debris coming your way.

Above all, the most important thing in your home is you and your family, and although there are people who organize ‘Hurricane Parties’, the smart money is on moving to safer ground. This may well be a good time to visit the cousins in Iowa. When it comes to claiming on your home insurance, it stands you in good stead if you have photographic evidence that demonstrates that you took preventative steps to secure and protect your house contents. Make certain that your household is not among the many that will be reported on the news as having suffered injury, or worse, death.