Wild Spring Weather Moving Across Country

A huge storm system moving across the US Wednesday night is going to dump snow from South Dakota into the Midwest. Four to eight inches of white stuff may fall Wednesday night in the Sioux Falls area and up to fourteen inches could fall in portions of Southwestern Minnesota including the Twin Cities area. The cold spring storm is moving east after heavy snowfall and freezing rain caused hundreds of flights to be canceled while knocking out power to many in numerous western states.

Heavy downpours of rain Wednesday that’s expected to continue until at least Thursday in mid-Michigan has caused rivers there to rise rapidly. It’s also caused localized flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas in several counties in mid and southeastern Michigan. Several rounds of heavy rainfall will add 2 to 4 inches of water to the already soaked ground in the Great Lake State which is sure to cause even more troubles and possible serious flooding. The National Weather Service has a flood watch in effect through Friday for 17 Michigan counties. Residents are being told to be ready for possible flood warnings and especially those who live in areas prone to flooding as the heavy rain is posing a real threat.

Outside of St. Louis, MO in Hazeltown, dozens of rescue workers arrived late Wednesday after a severe storm brought trees and power lines down onto homes and vehicles and left many streets blocked by debris. Some homes there had their roofs cave in while several businesses had windows blown out, spreading glass on parking lots and sidewalks. While it has not yet been determined if the damage was caused by a tornado, officials think that it was indeed a twister.

As the wintry storm system lumbers eastward, it is expected to churn up severe thunderstorms later in the day on Wednesday and overnight in Pennsylvania and Maryland. It’s been warmer than usual for this time of the year in the East. The warmer temperatures are making this weather system more dangerous as it will pick up the warm air as it moves eastward, possibly spawning some very severe weather including heavy rains, lightening, hail and possible tornadoes. There is more than enough fuel in this system for terrible weather to develop so people from the Midwest to the East are being told to prepare for weather warnings.