Water Extraction and Flood Damage Cleanup Services In Wisconsin

water extraction and flood restoration services wisconsin

The flood pro’s are Wisconsin leading team of certied restoration technicians who assist with repairing and restoring water damaged properties. Using state of the art equipment we can dry and cleanup both commercial and residential properties following and flooding disaster. We offer 24 hour local services, and our techs are certified through the IICRC. After successful drying up a building, a professional inspection is carried out to determine among other things, the sources of the water, the extent of the damage caused by the moisture intrusion, and the quantities and types of damaged materials. Furthermore, the inspection can be used to identify and evaluate safety and health hazards. A thorough inspection plays an important role as well, in identifying other risks and preexisting conditions.

Repairs and Renovations

The findings from the inspection are used to come up with the scope of jobs to be carried out including replacement of flooring, tiles, carpeting, and ceilings; re-upholstering home furniture; cleaning and repair of vents and pipes.

The building must be monitored all through the drying and restoration process. However, after all the repair work has been done, the restoration experts keep a close eye on the progress of the restoration, with regard to the moisture content of structural materials, as well as the temperature and humidity levels. Other factors that may be of interest include the indoor air quality and operational capacity of equipment.

Drying Out A Property After A Flood

Days following a flood disaster for an individual are always tough especially when it comes to having to clean up after a flood. You go through a few rounds with the insurance people, take pictures of all the damage to document everything, and the storm and fury of all the people has passed and all you are left with is a flood ridden house and damaged property. Now what. Time to buckle down and start going through your things and seeing what is salvageable to what is plain trash.

To begin with go ahead and open your windows all of them, and do not forget to open the doors as well to get some air circulating through the house. You may want to get a generator and a few fans to plug into the generator to help circulate the air throughout the house after you have opened all the doors and windows. Start taking furniture out into the yard so that the wind and the sun can help drying it out as you work on the inside of the house.

Once you have gotten everything off the floors in the house that is when you can really start working on certain rooms. Obviously if you have carpet in your house there will be a good strong possibility that you will have to wind up replacing the carpet so to help go ahead and start drying the floors your best bet will be to go ahead and take the carpet up so that the wood underneath will get some well needed air and you will be able to see if you are going to have to replace any of the boards underneath such as the floor itself or maybe even some joints underneath the house. Plus having the wet carpets within the house will help heighten the moisture level inside.

As you gut out the house of all the things that are totally damaged and beyond repair remember to take a bucket of warm soapy water with you around as you go so that you wipe down the door trim, the doors, the window frames, basically anything that is made of wood go ahead and clean it down because there will be a good chance that if it was not under water for very long then you will be able to save it and save some money in the process as you move forward in the replacing of the things that have been damaged.

flood damage cleanup for commercial properties in Wisconsin

Emergency Services to these Wisconsin Cities for all flood damage disasters

Beaver Dam
De Pere
Eau Claire
Fond du Lac
Green Bay
La Crosse
Menomonee Falls
Mount Pleasant
New Berlin
Oak Creek
Pleasant Prairie
River Falls
South Milwaukee
Stevens Point
Sun Prairie
West Allis
West Bend
Wisconsin Rapids

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