24 Hour Emergency Services – Certified Techs extract water and repair water damage. We are a local Waukesha certified company, providing disaster cleanup and restoration services for commercial and residential flood damage disasters. Our certified techs have worked with small and large scale flood disasters and assist with mold remediation, sewer backups and storm disasters.

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Water leaks and flooding are becoming more prevalent in homes as weather conditions are more extreme these days in the US. Even with taking the necessary precautions against floods, sometimes the intensity of the weather will cause your home to have flood waters gushing through. In addition, water leaks from failing plumbing, a roof that leaks, or a washer that overflows can cause severe damage to the home.

commercial and residential water extraction and drying services in Waukesha

What The Professional’s Can Do for You – Extraction, Cleaning, Drying & Repairs!

Professionals have the training and expertise to help with removal and restoration of affected areas damaged by flooding or water leaks. The source of the water leak will be identified and repaired. The affected areas will need to be dried, deodorized and disinfected. Professionals have the equipment necessary to assist with the water removal and restoration of your home.

Water Extraction, Drying, Mold Remediation and Mitigation Services in [pb city] Wisconsin

We Have The Right Equipment Required for the Removal of Water

To remove water from the home, professional are equipped to resolve even more challenging water removal situations using the following equipment:

1) Water extraction units that are both portable or anchored and mounted on trucks are used to remove flood waters from the home.

2) In some cases, the use of cameras with infrared capabilities may be necessary to find all area affected with water that needs to be extracted.

3) Pumps will be used for the removal of higher levels of water. The pumps are usually powered by gas and able to be submersed in water.

4) Hygrometer which measures the content of water-vapors may be utilized to analyze the damaged area air space. In addition, other meters such as moisture detectors can also be engaged to identify how much water has saturated the walls and other areas affected by the water.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

As the areas damaged by water begin to dry, other issues arise that will require the expertise of professionals. Mold, Mildew, fungi, and other microorganisms of bacterial origin needed to be disinfected. In addition, the odor or smell of the bacteria growing in the home will need to be eliminated. Household items and person items such as clothing, lines, documents, and books may require cleaning and restoring.

This is accomplished by utilizing the following procedures:

1) The affected area must be treated with compounds that are anti-microbial.

2) Germicides will need to be applied to halt and prevent additional bacterial growth.

3) The area will need to be sanitized completely using industrial strength sanitizing agents.

Drying the Affected Areas

Restoration of the area is necessary; drying the area is required and professionals have the equipment needed to begin that process. Drying equipment will help to prevent further damage to the walls, carpet, padding and furniture. Otherwise if the areas were not dried professionally, the objects will begin to warp or swell and would no longer be usable.

Moisture levels in the air will also have to be eliminated. Professionals will use dehumidifiers that are graded industrial strength. There are other drying processes that may be necessary depending on the severity of the water damage. In such instances, additional training and equipment will be required.

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